We offer assistance to businesses and local governments on environmental regulatory compliance, permit and litigation issues involving underground storage tanks, hazardous waste, waste water issues, solid waste, release reporting requirements and Brownfields, and other related matters.

In today’s world, the complexity of environmental laws which impact businesses and local governments is increasing. We understand the challenges business and local governments face when striving to comply with regulatory and reporting requirements, and to avoid litigation over such issues. We work with businesses and local governments to guide them through the maze of regulatory compliance, as well as permit issues associated with hazardous waste, waste water discharge, solid waste disposal, and underground storage tanks.

We offer assistance with proactive advice and consultation to assist in avoiding regulatory compliance pitfalls and litigation. We are also adept at negotiating with state and federal authorities concerning administrative orders. Of course, in some cases litigation is inevitable. In those situations, we offer talented and aggressive litigation representation.

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Christopher Cline

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