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Parental Rights of Unmarried Parents

My ex-girlfriend won’t let me see our baby since we broke up, can she do that? Don’t I have the same rights as she does? My boyfriend says that if I leave, he’ll keep our daughter and I’ll never see her again. Can he keep my baby from me? In Ohio, courts treat married and […]

What is Mediation?

My husband wants us to try mediation, what is that? The Magistrate in my custody case wants us to go to mediation, why should I do that? Can’t she just decide? Mediation is a voluntary process which people participate in to try to resolve their disagreements.  A neutral professional, called the mediator, leads the process.  […]

Alternative Dispute Options

“My wife and I are thinking about ending our marriage, but we’d like to avoid a “knock down drag out” divorce. Is that possible?”   This is a common question we get and one that we are happy to hear.  It tells us that many people just want to end the marriage the most agreeable […]

When can my child decide which parent he wants to live with?

When can my child decide which parent he wants to live with? Can my daughter tell the Judge where she wants to live? There is a common misconception that a child can choose where he or she wants to live at a certain age.  Under Ohio law, there is no magic age that allows a […]


“She is living with another guy!  Why should I still pay spousal support?” “He can’t control me anymore!  I can live with anyone I want!” We hear comments like this all the time.  Most divorce decrees have a provision that lists “cohabitation” as a reason for spousal support, also known as alimony, to stop.  Which […]

Is it time to modify child support?

The new school year is now in full swing. Most children have been back to the everyday grind of school for approximately two months and are already eagerly anticipating those holiday breaks. The start of school isn’t only important for children, it could mean that it’s time for parents to reexamine their child support arrangement. […]

Mediation In Collective Bargaining

This article was authored by Attorney David S. Blaugrund [(614) 764-0681 / [email protected] ] and Attorney Jon M. Gabel     MEDIATION The best negotiators see the deal and attempt to achieve it. The best mediators analyze the same factors, see multiple deals, and attempt to bring the parties to one of them. When to […]

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